Through our partnership with 86 Auto and Metal Recyclers Inc. and U-PULL-IT, Nineapart now offers a self-serve option for used Porsche parts. 


Customers can to come to our facility with their own tools to pull off whatever parts they find and would like to buy on the vehicles in our the U-PULL-IT section. The benefit of coming to pull your own parts is that you can get original, hard to find Porsche parts at a lower price than if we were to pull them off for you. But, please keep in mind, that since the

U-PULL-IT section is self-serve we cannot guarantee in advance what parts were or still are on each vehicle in the U-PULL-IT section. The only way to confirm part availability is to come down to our facility.

Please Note: The U-PULL-IT Section is

By Appointment Only


In order to give you as much information in advance as we can, we have provided a list of all the Porsche models currently in our

U-PULL-IT section along with a list of all the pre-set prices for any parts found on the vehicles. This way you can see what models we have and what you would be spending on parts before you even leave your house.


To schedule an appointment or for more on how it works, please contact us by phone

at 905-936-4999 Extension 1.


This is a list of vehicles currently in the Porsche U-PULL-IT section. We DO NOT have a list of the parts that were or still are on the vehicles. For specifics about a vehicle, you will need to come down to our facility.


Pricing for the parts found in our U-PULL-IT section are PRE-SET regardless of condition. Please use your own discretion when pulling parts off the vehicles in the U-PULL-IT section.

This is NOT a list of available parts in the U-PULL-IT section. This is a list of the pre-set prices for each part ONLY. For part confirmation, you will need to come to our facility.